Esthetics Admin

Clean & Responsive Admin Template
About This Product

Esthetics Admin is a apple inspired admin template for huge and small backend solutions. It includes custom plugins, forms, validations, charts, tables, notifications and much more. The template is built on HTML5 with CSS3 features powered by jQuery and modernizer.

It is a responsive and comprehensive admin template which answers the most unique demands as well. Its design and aesthetics is inspired by "APPLE" and hence the name. It is simple yet beautiful. Along with the common features like :- Moveable & Short able boxes, Dynamic Data Tables, File Manager, Animated Pop alerts, Wysiwyg Text Editor, Styled Forms Elements, Modal Box, Barcode Generator.... etc. Apple provides for customization to any extent you want. It is flexible for multiple usages like: Analytics Apps, Project Management Apps, Social Apps and more. It has been designed to work on all the web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE etc.

We would love to incorporate any suggestion/feedback you may have or answer any of your queries. By purchasing this template you get a lifetime of updates. It’s very important that you get in contact with us if you find a bug or have a new feature request, so we can update the template accordingly.

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