Frequently Asked Questions

Prodcut/Item Related Questions.

You will be getting a documentation file along with downloaded zip/rar file.

Respective authors will be providing mimimum 6 months support for the items you have purchased or downloaded.

No customisation will be provided by the authors. you are allowed to hire any authors for custom modifications.

Yes. You can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product.

You could change the colors, text, and layout of a flyer template or convert an HTML template into a WordPress theme for a single client.

Authour/Publisher Related Questions.

You need to create a authour account from here, then you can start uploading your themes, templates, code snippets or any other digital products.

After item upload proccess your item will sent to the QA team to verify your product quality.

Once your item passes all the perameaters of quality testing, your item will be live for selling you can track your sales, portfolio, etc from authors dashboard.

10% fixed commision for all the categories.

You will be getting your sales revenue transered into your preferd accounts like paypal, bank, etc on every 10th on month.

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