A Colorful and Responsive Admin Dashboard Template


Responsive Admin Template is elegant and flexible to use Admin Panel and it is amazing to build your project development utilizing this theme.

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The Admin Dashboard stands with the line"for you and by you"

To put simply, the Bootstrap made Admin theme is developed keeping the users in mind and to provide efficiency and flexibility 24*7 for your business project.

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A Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template is creative and easy to customize a theme. The Template is the fifth version meaning there are fewer complication, bugs and less chance of malfunctioning when developing your business project. 

When you built your business project using the SaaS made Admin Dashboard, then it appears for the competitors as a star in the sky!

Features it can Provide you

  • Built with the LATEST Bootstrap framework.
  • Rewritten into a newer version of ES.
  • Exclusive Color scheme.
  • Retina Ready is perfectly checked
  • The two different styles used by the panel are 
  1. Classic style and the other is
  2. Material design/style.

For the above-mentioned designs, all components and layout work awesome.

  • The Responsive Admin Dashboard doesn't get affected with monotony because it inherits variations in its design and UI.
  • All the elements encompassed in the Admin Dashboard support every smart device and quickly adapts to the environment which is the ultimate sign of creativity.
  • The Responsive Panel is platform-independent.
  • Wish to have a dark theme? or light colored theme? Leave it to us, because we got both for you! At the same time, the panel provides you with a choice of working with your preferred colors and create custom pages accordingly.

Core Features of Responsive Panel

  • 1000+ UI Component
  • 100+ Widgets
  • PSD file is included
  • Foldable Navigation with Infinite Levels
  • Horizontal Mega Menu
  • Multiple Layout
  • Quick Chat Panel
  • Touchable Slide Panel
  • Language Selector
  • Style of Site Guide
  • Loading Style (animsition.js)
  • Useful Forms Plugins Support
    • Form Validate
    • jQuery Wizard
    • jQuery Formatter
    • Image cropping
    • jQuery Fileupload
    • Select2
    • Bootstrap Select, Token Field and Input
    • multiselect.js
    • typehead
    • iCheck
    • clock picker
    • jQuery time picker
    • bootstrap-date picker
    • datepair.js
    • jquery knob
    • jquery strength
    • card
    • summer notes
    • markdown editor
    • ace editor
  • Different Chart Plugin Support
    • Charts
    • Morris
    • Flot
    • Sparkline
    • Rickshaw
    • Gauges
    • Pie Progress
  • Multiple Table Plugin
    • Bootstrap Table
    • Tablesaw
    • DataTables
    • editableTableWidget
    • jsGrid
    • Table Dragger
  • Pages
    • Error pages(400, 401, 403, 404, 500 and 503)
    • Register(v1, v2, v3)
    • Login(v1, v2, v3)
    • Lockscreen
    • Maintenance
    • Forgot Password
    • FAQ
    • Email
    • Google Map
    • Vector Map
    • Invoice
    • People Profile(v1, v2, v3)
    • Search Result
    • User List
    • Code Editor
    • Gallery
    • Sitemap
    • Project
  • Calendar App
  • Contacts App
  • Mailbox App
  • Taskboard App
  • Media App
  • Documents App
  • Forum App
  • Projects App
  • Notebook app
  • Messages app
  • Work app
  • Location app
  • Travel app

The Responsive Dashboard satisfies all your project requirements. Don't believe us? read the opinion of different users to know yourself!

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