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A Remarkable Admin Bootstrap template that does not let your productive time go in vain.


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Established to Make Your Project Work Feel More Interesting

An Exclusive Premium Admin Dashboard Template Provides unconditional features that you can incorporate in your project and make it a big success.

A Brief Detailed Introduction about Admin Dashboard Theme

The responsive and flexible Admin Panel is a lightweight Template consisting of a huge number of features such as UI components, layout variants, theme skins, and a choice to pick a preferred platform. The Backend application holds 136 HTML files in total (what more can we expect?)

A good proportion of classification of files, optimized and clean code and the ability to easily expand are some of the characteristics of the Admin Panel that make it look amazing to install.

You can create your own version of pages only with the needed tools (isn't that amazing?) thanks to LESS preprocessor that helps you to achieve it.

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The technologies that made the work of developers look pretty easy

  • Bootstrap
  • LESS
  • JQuery
  • HTML and CSS
  • DevExpress

The mentioned frameworks and languages made the Admin Panel appear more functional, responsive and at the same time elegant and simple to understand.

Attributes of AngularJs made Admin Dashboard 

  • The Admin Dashboard comes with variations to support you at every step, for example
      • Non-voice-support
      • Assists Via video channels and lastly
      • includes both offline and online documentation. 
  • Fundamental information about the Dashboard is that any project that is built using this template then it is assured to provide PageSpeed >90%
  • The panel includes 2 platforms namely
      • Plain HTML and the other is
      • AngularJS
    • The following are the Plain HTML features that'll make you go "WOW"
      • 4 Dashboards
      • 28 Layout Variants
      • UI Elements
      • Widgets
      • Mailbox
      • Forms
      • Tables
      • 20+ Chart Types
      • Collapsed Sidebar
      • Fixed Sidebar
      • Chat
      • Horizontal Menu Boxed
      • Horizontal Menu Fluid
      • Mixed Menus
      • Static Sidebar
      • Counters
      • Sidebar + Chat Open
      • Horizontal Menu + Chat
      • Page Enter Transitions
      • Fade In
      • Tiles
      • Buttons
      • Typography
      • Tabs & Accordions
      • Tooltips & Popovers
      • Navbars
      • Breadcrumbs
      • Badges & Labels
      • Progress Bars
      • Modals
      • Blockquotes
      • Alerts
    • AngularJS features
      • Same Feature Set as Plain HTML Plus:
      • Build on AngularJS v1.2.26
      • Angular UI Bootstrap
      • Angular UI Router
      • Bootstrap 3.2.0
      • Less CSS
      • Layout Generator
      • Skin Generator
      • 28 HTML Directives
      • Views/Templates
      • Routes/States
      • Factory Components
      • Services
      • Defined Controllers
      • Login Form Processing
      • Lockscreen Form Processing
      • Layout Options Config Object
      • Layout Options Saved in Cookies
      • Layout Options with $layout API
      • Loading Bar on Navigation
      • Lazy Loading of Resources
      • Structured HTML Views
      • Menu Builder (Object Oriented)
      • All Plain HTML pages
      • Layout Toggles Functions
      • Organized Asset Importing
      • Google Maps Loader
      • Form Validation
      • Recursive Generator of Menu
      • Bootstrap Compatible Modals
      • Preloading Overlay on Startup
      • Checkbox/Radio Replacement and



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